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Home Delivery World is returning for its 7th annual retail logistics conference and exhibition, announcing a new move to Philadelphia. The move from Atlanta follows after a complete sell out during the conference last year and increasing demand which has led Home Delivery World to grow.

Home Delivery World, which will now be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, will host over 2,500 attendees from the retail sector including supply chain experts and logistics professionals.

The conference will feature more than 250 speakers who are industry experts, as well as upwards of 150 exhibitors.

Home Delivery World has announced their much anticipated main keynote speakers, including:

  • IoT and shipping decisions: discussing smart devices in logistics and supply chains
  • Providing frictionless shipping experiences: how software and selected tools make informed shipping decisions
  • Future trends in the industry: including green initiatives, demand, and logistics expectations for the future.
  • Leveraging technology in transport: discussing real-time data, and using technological advancements in operations.

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