Safe Gate

SAFEGATE is a mobile application allows users to do daily tasks and request or send documents from anywhere even outside the organization very simple and easy way to do the tasks with the highest encryption secure channel . Authentication is done by login with the user name and password, or fingerprint or face verification .The user can view and amend his request such as vacations, salary data and vacation balance, whether it is emergency leave or other vacations, and messages and notifications can be received without the need for SMS messages as The employee can request files or official messages from the authority and print them directly with any network printer wirelessly, as well as to request entry permits electronically. SAFEGATE app features :

  • Face/fingerprint authentication¬†
  • acces the app through Dataconnection / wifi .
  • Complete workflow can be assign for each modul by admin
  • Full access to push notification notification service.
  • Requests Module ( Vacations /Dcouments/Gate access )
  • Check up internal Emails¬†
  • Document managment system