our project history

  • project Title :OHRC TOUCH APP
  • Client :Omani Human Rights
  • Status :Complete
  • Category :
  • Date :01 MARCH 2020
  • Value :OMR

Omani Human Rights began in coordination and cooperation with Talents Global Arabia Company, to implement the smart fingerprint system to prove the attendance and departure of the council employees on smart phones, which is a unique system that allows the council employees to complete the fingerprint process through their smart phones, and it works automatically once the employee enters a building The council or its exit from it, through the wireless network and the data network.
The application of this system comes to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional fingerprint system that is currently in place, and to overcome its negative aspects such as the employees’ forgetting of the fingerprint, and complaints that the fingerprint does not appear at times.
The new system has the advantage of being easier and less expensive, and activating it requires a number of settings, including: activating the GPS feature on the users ’device for the fingerprint, checking the connection to the council’s private network, and agreeing to the validity of locating.